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Appleberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain grown by Sumo Seeds, a famous cannabis company based out of Amsterdam. This world-renowned company is known for its dedication to growing quality cannabis, the distribution of seeds, and cannabis education. In order to create Appleberry, the brilliant minds at Sumo Seeds first crossed Dynamite and Bubblicious. The result of that cross was subsequently crossed with the ever-popular White Widow to produce the plant we know as Appleberry. Appleberry took home first prize in the “Bio” category of the 2016 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam. This afternoon/evening strain is a wonder for those suffering from physical ailments as well as those looking to de-stress after a hard day at work.

Appleberry is a popular choice for treating ailments such as arthritis and chronic pain, as well as mood disorders, stress, and insomnia! Its wide range of effects make it an excellent tool for treating these and many more ailments faced by cannabis users. The high from this strain begins with a subtle, building sensation right behind the eyes and in the sinus area. Appleberry’s high is akin to that of rising floodwaters, in that it builds drastically until the dam breaks free and you are left in an absolutely stunned stupor. This strain has reportedly left even the most experienced smokers couch-locked for hours on end. If you manage to not fall asleep, you’ll likely feel so hungry you might eat the sofa you’re sitting on! Just kidding, but you will absolutely want to raid the fridge so prep yourself a nice snack before taking a couple hits of Appleberry.

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