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If you’re ready for a crazy cerebral high that leaves you questioning the existence of aliens, Green Monster should be a welcome part of your stash. This hybrid strain is based in the United States and is a cross between OG Kush, Purple Urkle, and Killer Queen. Although it’s a pretty balanced 50/50 blend, users note heavy indica effects as you’ll be happy yet super relaxed.

Green Monster features buds that are incredibly dense, making it a strain that’s heavy hitting. Its Maximum THC Content is typically around 27% or so and is advised for experienced smokers only because of how intense the high can be. You’ll notice a pretty natural blend of smells and tastes with Green Monster, with notes of pine, earth, and woody scents all blending together. A rather chemical aftertaste can come into play with little tinges of tar at the end.

Users who want common sativa effects like happiness and euphoria will certainly get that with Green Monster, as it provides a relaxed high that will put a smile on your face. Yet as an indica-heavy hybrid, some of the more sedating effects will soon kick in. Get ready to experience your existential thoughts in their truest form, as many note that they have a hard time keeping a grasp on reality as Green Monster takes over. It’s known for a strong and long-lasting high, so plan accordingly.

Another well-known side effect of this strain means you may want to go grocery shopping before you partake, as the munchies can be extreme. Individuals who struggle with a lack of appetite often rely on Green Monster due to how hungry it can make you, and others in the medical cannabis community rave about its ability to relieve depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and migraines.

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